Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back from R & R

Hi everyone!

Whoa, has it been so long?

Thanks for dropping by eventhough this place is filled with dust and cobwebs *hint to LS*

LS said thanks for the well wishes. Her wrists are getting better although she's not to lift heavy things for a while yet.

Well, we haven't been doing anything at all, really. Just some R&R.

Retreat from the computer for LS and reflexology for me.

Highly recommended, don't you agree?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Playing Nurse

Sorry we haven't been visiting lately. LS hurt her wrists so she couldn't spend much time on the computer.

So this has been our daily routine lately...

I'd put LS on some physio...

Hey LS, it's playtime!

Note to Huskee : The shroom is still intact :-)

Why are you still in bed?
You need to rest?
Then you shouldn't be watching TV!

Half an hour later....

Are you done with the resting yet???

I make sure she's not in bed for too long nor stare at the idiot box all the time.

Do you think I make a good nurse?