Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis the season ...

... to be jolly ... fa la la la la la la la LA!

How is everyone doing?

It's starting to feel more festive around here. LS has started on her spring cleaning. Hopefully she'll have the tree up in time before Christmas, judging by the pace she's going.

Recently I had to go to the vet two weeks in a row. First, I had the runs so I had my butt poked. If that wasn't unpleasant enough, LS had the vet done a full blood test too. I had to sit there and watch my blood being drained out.

I've had quite enough when he had a biopsy done on my lump. I couldn't resist turning around to give him a good chomp. It's just too bad that he's faster than my old doc. He drew back his hands so fast before LS could even blink. I must be losing my grip.

Then the lump area where he took the tissue sample from became sore and swollen. That had LS rushing to the pharmacy for some iodine and antiseptic cream. Thankfully it's better now.

One morning a week later, LS didn't give me my breakfast. She said she's taking me out. We're eating out? No, it was another visit to the vet. This time to have scaling done. Apparently my teeth got rather dirty ever since LS put me on canned food. Now it's back to the kibbles again.

I've had quite a rough time there, didn't I?

Now all that is behind me ...

I'm going to be spending more time snoozing

Hopefully each time I wake up there'll be more gifts from Santa hee...!

Here's wishing everyone
A Happy Holidays!

We'll be going around to visit soon.