Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday


Is it Thursday again? Time really flies! I've been so busy but just couldn't resist spending a bit of time doing a thankful post. It helps to keep me in perspective. Especially when there is madness aplenty going on around here lately LOL!

So this week I'm thankful for some sunshine. Such a refreshing welcome after a long hazy and wet days.

I'm thankful that my petunias have such a strong surviving spirit LOL! Although badly neglected, they seem to be telling me nothing will break their stride. They will keep on blooming!


I am so thankful that LS has stopped teasing me about putting me on wheelies to go out. I was so afraid that she would do just that. I know she meant well when she sees my miserable face each time I have to miss my walkies due to the wet and muddy ground. But our legs are not meant to be on wheels except for car rides, are they?

So I'm thankful to go for walkies this week. Although judging from the picture below, I was more stunned, actually. I've not heard the word 'walkies' for so long that I didn't know how to react to it hehehe....

What are you thankful for? Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Born of the Shower, and Colored by the Sun


I wasn't planning on posting today. But just as I was sitting in front of my computer, suddenly there was a ping! An email came in. From whom? God. Seriously? Yes, He was online.

Ok, it was actually from a friend. But I believe there's a reason for the email. He just wanted to share a poem on rainbows. Rainbows?

A sudden memory of recent events came to mind. It has been a rough time lately. Many gloomy days. But one early morning changed that. It was barely seven when I walked into the kitchen and the sight of not one but two rainbows caught my eyes. Two lovely arches across the sky outside my kitchen window (1st picture below : The one on the left is more visible than the one on the right).

Seeing the rainbows made me feel so light. But in a matter of time I was back to carrying more rocks LOL!

The second rainbow appeared a few weeks later. It was again just after seven and almost at the same spot from my kitchen window (2nd picture below).

What a comfort! I remember doing a thankful post on a rainbow before here. Now I feel so much lighter again.

I'm thankful for God's glowing covenant. Are you?

O beautiful rainbow; all woven of light!

There's not in thy tissue one shadow of night;

Heaven surely is open when thou dost appear.

And, bending thee above, the angels draw near,

And sing - "The rainbow! The rainbow! The smile of God is here"

Sarah Josepha Hale.

Bright pledge of peace and sunshine!
The sure tie of thy Lord's hand, the object of His eye!
When I behold thee, though my light be dim, Distinct, and low,
I can in thine see Him Who looks upon thee from His glorious throne,
And minds the covenant between all and One.
Henry Vaughan


I'm thankful that I woke up LS woke up early this morning. Since she had ample time, she made some sausages for me. Yummy! The smell of grilling sausages made me so excited that I kept going round and round LS. She said I'm one crazy dog.

Yeah, when we go round and round in circles, we are crazy. But when planets do it, they are orbiting. Sounds familiar?

Does this dog look crazy?

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Funnies

TGIF! Aren't you glad the weekend is almost here?

Thanks for everyone's well wishes for my grandpa. I hope he gets better really soon too.

I guess LS' photography skill is that bad as most of you couldn't figure out what was in the previous post picture LOL! But Parlance and Peggy got it right after all!

We always see this man and his three dogs in the park. The biggest of the three (on the far right) is always tasked to carry the poopy bag on his tail.

Tsk...tsk...poor guy...We've seen some people laughing at the dog. I wanted to laugh too but LS said she'll hang the poopy bag onto my tail if I did.

See my straight face?

Let's laugh over something else instead. Got this in the email a while back.

This is the reason why email was invented.

Look at all the fun they had. Christmas sure came early for them. Now we know why they were playing jingle bells in there. I never get to do fun things like this. Do you?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Do You See What I See?

Just want to let everyone know we are still around. LS has been rather occupied and I'm computer illiterate. Hmm...think I should enrol for some computer classes?

Recently Grandpa fell down the stairs and had an upper arm spiral fracture. He had to go for surgery to fix it with metal pins. Unfortunately part of the fractured bone pressed into his nerves so he's unable to move his arm and fingers. The doctor said it may be permanent but can only determine that in the next few months. Let's hope that's not the case.

Moving on to a lighter moment, what do you see in the picture below? Excuse the lousy image from LS' mobile phone camera.

This is quite a regular sight at our park.