Friday, October 22, 2010

Who Loves Ya Baby?

We're still here. How hard do you think it is to start blogging again after such a long break? Think we must've rusted here as we don't know where to start.

So...while we're still trying to gather our thoughts together and crank up this blog, here's a video to watch. Do treat it as a re-run if everyone has already seen it ;-)

What do you think of this video? LS said the look on Wilson's face at the door made her cry but she was glad it ended well.

Oh by the way, I dedicate below to you, LS. Hope you get the hint, LS! No more neglecting this blog!

Busy life, not enough time
To look in the mirror
Life in the fast lane...
Look around and take note
Who really loves you?
Don't get caught up in the clouds
Or you'll go insane
When it seems everyone is needing something
Remember who's always been there for you

Who loves ya baby?
Who really loves ya baby?
Who's always been on your side morning and night?
Who loves ya baby?
Who really loves ya baby?
Who's gonna see to it that
You're treated right?

Who loves ya baby?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!