Monday, July 19, 2010

Flower Power

No, this is not about the hippies' 70s peace movement. This is about LS goofing off from work...for this.

Floria show

Unfortunately she chose the wrong day to goof off hahaha. The whole place was swarmed with preschool kids. A few hurried snapshots and that ended her time there. Something about camera flashes, chattering and clowns made it hard to connect with nature hehehe.

The whole place was covered with different kinds of flowers and plants. Although the theme was heliconias, the highlight seemed to be on orchids.

Orchids on display

Orchids in competition

Orchids on sale

In case you're wondering what was I doing at that time...

LS could've been nice enough to take me along,

couldn't she?

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do You Remember


Here's me trying to catch some morning sun but no thanks to LS' plants, all I get is a bit of filtered sunlight.

I've been spending a lot of time lazing around quietly. Think I truly amaze myself for being so quiet. LS said I'm aging gracefully now although I think it's more likely due to the cool soft breeze we're getting plenty of around here lately.

What can be more relaxing than lazing around watching leaves and grass blades dancing in the wind?

Kind of make you float, isn't it?

(picture courtesy of...err...via email)

What is your favourite pastime of late?

Note: A heartfelt thank you from us and Furby's family for all your comforting words, thoughts and prayers. Truly a comfort.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thank You

Dear all,

Thank you for your prayers and positive vibes. They have been answered. Furby has recovered fully now and no longer in pain. But she has gone on to a better place because God loves her more and wants her old and weary little body to rest.

Her condition deteriorated further yesterday and she started rejecting the saline drips and jabs due to blood clot. The vet gave her a drug to thin her blood but it didn't work. There wasn't anything else the vet could do so the only humane thing to do is to let her go.

No one knows why her kidneys failed. It happened so suddenly without any signs. Although it's hard to let our little furry friends go, it's harder still to cling on and watch them suffer in pain, isn't it?

Run free, Furby. You have earned your angel wings.

Wings are not only for the birds above
for God gifted you with a dog to love

He knew the love that you could give
for he knew the perfect place for that dog to live

and as you have a void that can't be filled
remember that your memories can't be killed.

The love you gave to your four legged friend
is a gift of love that will help you to mend.

Love from above will always be felt
as the wings are added your heart will melt

When you are feeling low
you will still have a place to go

for you can always talk and share
with a friend who will always be there.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Prayer Request

Dear all,

A furry friend of ours is in a critical condition and her family is devastated. Due to a sudden acute kidney failure, she is put on drip now. It's really sad to hear that she's in a lot of pain. The vet says her condition is not too good. If she doesn't pass urine within the next 48 hours, her family have to be prepared for the inevitable.

Furby doesn't have a blog because she prefers to be outside chasing bugs and leisurely watching the world pass by.

Furby (foreground)
Her sister, Coco (background)

We would really appreciate it if everyone could keep her in your prayers and send positive vibes her way. Thank you.