Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Serendipity Park - Temporary Closed

Welcome to Serendipity Shore! Can you feel the salty breeze?

Let's hope we'll be here for a while. Nothing exciting going on while we were away. The only highlight was our frequent weekend getaways, mostly to the seaside. No pictures. Prefer gazing off into the deep blue sea through our own eyes rather than through camera lens.

But we do have some pictures taken a while back on a trip to a fishing village.

To walk on or not, that is the question

The sea looks so murky

Something dangerous could be lurking underneath

She sniffed a seashell by the seashore
Can you try speed saying that?

The wind was so strong that my face almost got blown off

Is my butt still there?

Do you think all this sea breeze is good for our fur?