Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone have a good celebration!

The cat and her two kittens are still there. The kittens are getting chubbier now. LS has been asking around if anyone is interested to adopt them. So far no good news yet.

On Monday morning when LS went to work, she saw a small doggie running around near the road. She didn't think much of it as there are plenty of dogs around. But the dog turned up outside our place on Tuesday. Poor doggie...think he must have either gotten lost or abandoned. Looks like a miniature pinscher though.

LS and a nice neighbour are feeding him for now till they locate his owner or gets him adopted.

LS has been going around gushing to everyone about how adorable the cat, kitties and now this dog. I'm pretty much not in the conversation except for the occasional remarks by LS that I'm not exactly friendly to the dog.

Can she blame me? I get scolding when I pee anywhere else out of my toilet. But this dog pees outside our door and LS didn't say anything at all. Hmm...

Isn't he adorable?

Let's hope they find a good home soon. It's sad to see them homeless.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cats in the cradle

LS came home from work yesterday smelling different. When I started giving her an all over sniff, I saw a guilty look on her face. After a few more sniffs and long stares, she caved in and confessed.

Her confession?

Can you see the cat and her two newborn kittens?

LS said she went to work yesterday and came across this cat and her kittens right outside her office entrance. The cat must have given birth over the weekend as she remembered seeing the cat still heavily pregnant last Friday when she left her workplace.

LS said it's not her fault the cat chose her delivery room just outside her office. She's still wondering how the cat managed to get into the office building.

LS took some food and water for the cat but the cat didn't touch them at all. Will she be all right?

This morning when LS went in to work, the cat and kittens are still there. So she gave the cat some milk. She was quite relieved that the cat drank some of the milk.

Ok, I guess I forgive LS...As long as she doesn't bring them home and upset the status quo...How long do you think the cat is planning to stay at the maternity ward?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

You know you're a dog person if...

LS was going through her files when she saw this. Yes, she has a file on dog humour. Some or all of you would've probably read it before as it was published quite a long time ago.

When LS read this a few years back, she went "Oh no, I don't think I do many of that".

But when she read it again minutes earlier, she went "Oh no! I'm doing most of that!!!"

I have trained LS well, haven't I?

Can your humans relate to these?

~ You have a kiddie wading pool in the yard but no small children

~ Lintwheels are on your shopping list every week.

~ Your freezer containes more dog bones than anything.

~ You hang around the dog section of your local bookstore way too often.

~ Your non-dog friends won't eat food prepared in your kitchen.

~ Your parents refer to your pet as their "grand-dog."

~ You have baby gates permanently installed at strategic places around the house but no babies.

~ You open your purse and that big bunch of baggies you use for pick-up pops out .

~ You skip breakfast so you can walk your dog in the morning before work.

~ The trash basket is more or less permanently installed in the kitchen sink, to keep the dog out of it while you're at work.

~ You can't see out the passenger side of the windshield because there are dog nose prints all over the inside.

~ You don't go to happy hours with co-workers anymore because you need to go home and walk your dog.

~ You don't think it's the least bit strange to stand in the back yard chirping "Molly, Pee!" over and over at your dog who tends to play and forget what she's out there for.

~ You go to the pet supply store every Saturday because it's one of the very few places that lets you bring your dog inside, and the dog loves to go with you.

~ You get an extra long hose on your shower massage just so you can use it to wash the dog in the tub, without making the dog sit hip deep in water.

~ You and the dog come down with something flu like on the same day. The dog sees the vet while you settle for an over the counter remedy from the drug store.

~ You not only have dog toys strewn about, but your guests also have to be careful not to trip on the dog jumps. (well we gotta exercise them in the winter somehow)

~ Your weekend activities are planned around taking your dog for a hike.

~ You refer to yourself as "mommy" and "daddy".

~ Your dog sleeps with you.

~ You'd rather stay home on Saturday night and cuddle your doggies than go to the movies with your sweetie.

~ You keep an extra water dish in your second-floor bedroom, in case your dog gets thirsty at night.

~ You avoid vacuuming the house as long as possible because the dogs are afraid of the brain-sucker.

~ When your dog is getting old and arthritic, and you go buy lumber and build it a small staircase so it can climb onto the bed by itself.

~ You shovel a zig-zag path in the back yard snow so your dog can reach all of his favorite places.

~ Your have 32 different names for your dogs. Most make no sense but they understand.

~ Your dog eats cat poop but you still let him/her kiss you (but not immediately after, of course)

~ You never completely finish a piece of steak or chicken so the dog gets some too.

~ Poop has become a source of conversation for you and your significant other.

~ You are the only idiot walking in the pouring rain because your dog needs his walk.

~ You send birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards from your dog.

~ You like people who like your dogs. You despise people who don't.

~ You lecture people on responsible dog ownership every chance you get.

~ You keep eating even though you find a dog hair in your pasta.

~ You carry dog biscuits in your pockets all the time.
~ You make popcorn just so you can play catch with your dog.

~ You talk about your dogs like other people talk about their kids.

~ You have your dog pictures on your office desk. (but no one else's).

~ Your license plate or license plate frame mentions your dogs.

~ You match your furniture, carpet and clothes to your dog.

Source : The American Bloodhound Club Bulletin Spring 1996

Friday, November 14, 2008

Oops We Did It Again....

For not being law abiding bloggy citizens...heh....

LS has never been good at following instructions and rules. So I guess I'm only following the leader heh heh...

In our previous post on A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award, it was supposed to come with a set of questionnaire which we *cough cough* must have lost it along the way. Thank you Peggy for letting us know!

This award comes with a questionnaire. Here goes:

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood?

LS : Yes! One, that is. We've been friends since pre-school.
Happy : Yes! LS. Then there's Fifi and Chichi...Hmm...come to think of it, we've not visited each other in a while now. LS, when are we going to visit them?

2. What do you value most about your friends?

LS : Being themselves.
Happy : That they're so caring, loving and fun!

3. Are your friends your sounding boards?

LS : Yes.
Happy : Yes! Not only that, we also woof together when there are happy news and we all howl together when there are sad news..RIGHT?

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends?

LS : Dining together.
Happy : Barking at each other hehe... Visiting each other's blogs...

Since we've made a blunder on this, we won't make this compulsory to our friends we have awarded to. But...feel free to do this questionnaire. Everybody! Anybody?

We've also received these lovely awards from our friends. Sorry it has taken us a while to post them.

Thank you, Thor & Honey!

Thank you, Ruby!

Thank you, Honey!

We would like to pass on the awards to all our friends! We hope you'll accept them.

Have a good weekend everybody!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thankful Time

LS :

I'm doing this post a day earlier, just in case I have to take time off from the computer tomorrow. I've hurt my neck and right now it's protesting at my sitting here looking at the pc screen.

This week I'm thankful for the time to stop and smell the flowers. Ok, it's just a figure of speech LOL! I didn't exactly do that, simply because there is only grass where I live. Not that I'm not thankful for grass...I am! The grassy greenery is so soothing to the mind and the eyes too.

I was looking through my files for some flower pictures for Mona's Mommy and I found these. No, these pictures were not taken by me. My photography skill is next to zero LOL! These pictures were taken by a friend at a local garden festival.

I've forgotten how beautiful Mother Nature's gifts are!


I'm thankful for the opportunity to say again how thankful I am for so many wonderful friends. Isn't it true we can never say enough of that? Recently, we've lost yet another friend, Girl Girl. She was a sweet friend and also my first hamster friend. I'm thankful for her friendship eventhough it was just for a short time.

A candle for you, dear Girl Girl

Hope everyone is having a thankful time!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Hi everybody! Can't believe it's Monday again. The weekend went by so fast, didn't it? I had a quiet weekend. Spent most of it snoozing.

Aah...pure bliss...This is the way to relax...

Knock it off, LS! I'm trying to chill here.

How was your weekend?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Hosted at Grace Alone
Jehovah Shalom, the Lord is Peace (Judges 6:24)

LS :

The monkey wrenches are still around. But they have been on frequent long peanut breaks. I'm thankful for that. A breather for me and some peace too. Having inner peace makes us see things in better perspective, doesn't it? I'm thankful for that.

Have I said how thankful I am for my dog? I think I have. Sometimes her funny and mischievous antics can be a stress reliever, depending on how you look at it. LOL.

A few days ago, I was walking out of my bedroom when I stumbled upon Happy trying to paw at some pastries on the dining table. My first reaction was to reprimand her.

But the guilty look on her face plus the hilarious sight of her with two paws on the table and two back legs stretched to the max on the dining chair made me tried so hard not to laugh.

That wouldn't do, for she has to learn that she can't get away with that. So after reprimanding her, I gave her a treat. And then I had a good laugh. Thanks Happy, for some light moments.

Happy :

This is NOT ME in the picture below.

But I was caught in the same situation few days ago.

Attempting to paw at some pastries. On the dining table. With my two front paws in exactly the same way and my two hind legs on the chair...Can you picture it?

I was just a paw away from them when LS walked out from the bedroom. I was bracing for her famous "Who's a naughty girl?" but instead, she said "Feeling hungry, Happy?"

I know I've just turned 6 few months back and as we get older, we tend to lose a bit of our hearing. But do we start hearing things too?

Ok, LS did reprimand me but she also gave me a cream puff after that. Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

So...I'm thankful that LS was being magnanimous about it. Have you ever tried to reach the dining table? Did you succeed?

Hope everyone is having a thankful time.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Haunting Weekend!

Hi everybody! Did you all have a good weekend?

With LS busy lately, I was so happy to get away from my busy time of doing nothing to enjoy the pawsome halloween pawty put together by Asta, Eric and Lacie! It's my first time attending a halloween pawty too! What a hallo-screaming time it was, wasn't it?

Asta's Mommy made me this bumblebee costume. (Thanks to LS, she toadally forgot) Thank you, Asta & Mommy! You're the best!

Can you see me in the picture?

Our dear friends had given us these lovely awards too. Sorry it took us so long to post them and say thank you.

Thank you Thor!

We would like to pass this award to Addie, Chef, Denise, Deetz, Eric, Huskee & Hershey, Mango, Peggy & Friends, and Ruby.

We would like to pass this award to Asta, Angel Lacylulu & Rocky, Denise, Girl Girl, Lorenza, Maggie & Mitch, Deron, Nancie and Thor.