Thursday, August 9, 2007

Yours, Mine & Ours (not!!)

It's hard not being able to sleep at night.
It's harder still when one doesn't know how to pass the time till daybreaks.
It's hardest when one ended up watching a silly movie that leaves a bad hangover in the morning.

Yours, Mine & Ours....what does the title tell you, really?

It's a remake of a 1968 movie on two single parents (former high school sweethearts to be exact) met again after 30 years, developed a romance and eloped. Sounds dreamy? That's when they have to wake up to each other's 10 and 8 kids respectively. That'll be a total of 18 KIDS, thank you very much.

If you think 'Brady Bunch' or '8 Is Enough' do not warrant much for "Go forth and multiply", try this.

There's nothing much to this movie, really. If you already have one kid that's wreaking havoc to your daily life, just multiply that by 18.

Right, after being kept awake by 18 kids, that ought to cure me of my nocturnal alertness.


Lynn Chong said...

Still having sleeping problem ?

IrynC said...

Unfortunately yes sigh...that'll pass (I hope!)

Cayson still keeping you awake?

Lynn Chong said...

Yes.. take times to train him sleep thru the night without milk. No that easy !!