Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Land Where Zebras Fear To Cross!

I know there's a lot of rants and raves on our fellow drivers when it comes to sighting of pedestrian crossing. They attract each other like opposite magnetic poles, no kidding! The sight of pedestrians crossing ahead somehow make their foot slam harder on the accelerator. Never mind that it's a zebra or tiger crossing zone or no zone. Given a chance, they'd probably have a go at the lollipop man too.

So what do poor pedestrians do? It's either sprint across the road, stop where you are and hold in your breath to make yourself slimmer (like that's going to help, really) or do a backtrack (provided there are no cars behind you).

In my case this morning, I was inching across the road and stopping 3 feet before the centre of the road to wait for a van to pass. The van was heading straight ahead but as he approaches me, he changed the course of his steer and swerved towards me, missing me by a breath. All in a blink of an eye. What was that all about?

So are we in for more pelican and puffin crossings as clearly zebra crossings are outdated and ineffective. Or how about ELEPHANT crossing? Nobody wants to cross an elephant for sure, especially with their jumbo memory ha ha ha...

Happy Crossing!!!


ET said...

Hey mate! Don't I know it about your country drivers, a real culture shock!

serendipity said...

We practise survival of the fittest on the roads here LOL