Thursday, October 18, 2007


While at the mall last evening, I made a quick trip to the ladies. Went into one cubicle and closed the door. Found that the door couldn't close. So I tried a little harder. Then I heard a little boy screaming just outside.

I opened the door to have a look. Oh goodness! It was the screaming boy's fingers that was causing the door not to close! Where did the boy come from??? Feeling really bad about it, I apologised to the boy's mom and asked if he was hurt. But she ignored me and tried to pacify her boy.

So I went back in. Next moment I heard the boy's mother scolding me from outside with both of them hitting at my door. She kept telling her boy that 'I'm bad' and she's 'hitting me' for causing him pain.

I came out and she was still at it.

Me : What are you doing?

Boy's mom : Oh, just 'hitting you' to tell my boy you are bad.

Me : I'm bad???

Boy's mom : Ya, you hurt his fingers.

Me : Have you thought that it's his own fault and he shouldn't have put his fingers there?

Boy's mom : He doesn't understand that.

Me : If he CAN understand that 'I'm bad' for causing him pain, he CAN understand that he's wrong for putting his fingers there in the first place!

By this time, everyone in the ladies are enjoying themselves watching us. You can tell by the smiles on their faces!

Boy's mom : You should've looked before closing the door.

Me : Excuse me for not looking out for 'little fingers' at the door!

Boy's mom : Aiyo, what's so difficult to let him think it's your fault?

Me : It's not difficult but ridiculous! Anyway, it's his fingers!! Good luck then if he can't keep his hands off toilet doors!!!

I walked off after that. No point wasting my time. I know..I know.., it's not my line to tell her how to teach her child. But I resent being 'used' as the subject of a 'wrong lesson'!

Ever wonder why some kids grow up to be the way they are?


Serena said...

Awww, poor Irene. Ahh, nowadays, people are ridiculous. Just have to be more careful next time


why is te little boy doing in the ladys' room?

serendipity said...

Yeah, there are some of these people out there.

I think the boy's mom must have brought him in. I don't recall seeing any little kid when I went in.

Simba said...

Stupid woman, what sort of lesson was she hoping to teach her child? Its alright to yell at strangers for your own stupid actions? Some people shouldn't allowed out in public.

Simba xx

Redbabe said...

gila woman. where got this kinda teaching one??????? siow!

ET said...

Bet you haven't been max pissed off in a while now lolz!

Now we know how brats are created!

Serena said...

I tell u, like u said, if the boy is old enough to know that you are bad, he should be old enough to go to the gents by himself right?? If he's still very young eg. not seven yet or what maybe its still acceptable. But if he is, he must learn not to simply stick his fingers where he likes. The world isn't his rite?? And that woman. You can see the difference between the civilised and uncivilised


yorkie is right "don't simply stick his finger where he like" he can get sue for it......(sorry) wahahaha

serendipity said...

Simba : Agreed! More fool she!!

Redbabe : You can say that again! First time encountering this so-called parent!

ET : I was really pissed!

Serena : The boy looked about 4-5 years old. Should be able to understand simple reasoning, right?

Million : Hahaha! That's true!

Serena said...

Yes yes. And when you apologized she didn't bother. Stupid lah these people

Huei said...

WTF! it's mothers like these that's y this country is filled with screaming little pests! blegh! don't know how to teach then dun give birth!

poor u..i would've taught that kid a big lesson! should've scolded the mum
"if u know that he CAN'T understand, then y don't you be a RESPONSIBLE mum and WATCH him!?"

serendipity said...

hi huei, a lot of nutty people around huh?

Frasier said...

I know what you are talking about !I wish I could spank some of these children for their mothers!!!

serendipity said...

Hi Frasier, thanks for dropping in. Yes, sometimes it's hard to resist disciplining them, huh?