Friday, December 7, 2007

Tagging Season?

Another tag! I've been tagged by Abby and Rosie , to list 7 annoyances and link to them in the post, then list and link to 7 more bloggers to do the same. So, pass this on to 7 more bloggers and notify them by leaving a comment on their blog.

Happy's 7 annoyances:

1) Happy is annoyed by any movement or sound made by her next door neighbour (it's a mystery till today why she dislikes the guy so much)
2) Happy is annoyed by the sight of the camera.
3) Happy is annoyed by the mailman, newspaper boy, cleaner, gardener, garbage truck, and basically any strangers who trespass.
4) Happy is annoyed by children running around and making noises outside.
5) Happy is annoyed by LadyS.' phone rings.
6) Happy is annoyed by LadyS. going out without taking her along.
7) Happy is annoyed by LadyS. not sharing her meals at the table with her.

Happy happily tags:



it take me half a mth to think of those tagline.....again l m taged....

ET said...

That's quite a list, Happy! I get annoyed too with rowdy kids!

Anonymous said...

I think they are all perfectly reasonable things to get annoyed at!


happy said...

Million: You can do it! Good luck!

ET: You can do what I do, bark at them!

River: Perfectly reasonable, right? LadyS just doesn't understand!

Simba said...

Interesting facts there. I need to think of things that annoy me now. Not much I'm pretty chilled.

Simba xx

Gus said...

We also are annoyed with the UPS guy. He rings the doorbell and runs. One day he told Sis that he thought we had some very fierce dogs inside. Wow little does he know that he just makes us mad because he doesn't come inside to play.

Anonymous said...

Hi Happy,
We're annoyed by the same things. The pizza delivery guy calls Abby "cujo" - he's never seen her-only heard her trying to get to the door to invite the pizza in (she's rather loud about it though)
Abby & Rosie

Charlie dog said...

Hi Happy

Sounds like it might have been easier to list what doesn't annoy you......tee hee.

Have a good weekend.

Charlie Boy

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Happy woo hoo we knew we are your distant cousins! we are exactly the same!!! we get annoyed about ALL the same things... you go girl

Lots of Love Licks & TX waggin tails that seem to like to bark loud!!

Sparky said...

Thanks for tagging me, Happy! I'll get on it now. ;)


happy said...

Simba: Nothing much annoys you? You must be one cool King!

Gus: Thank you for dropping by. Yeah, they need to brush up on their barking language. Otherwise we are always misunderstood.

Abby & Rosie : Hehehe...we all can get overly loud when excited!

Charlie: That's right. It's shorter to list what doesn't annoy me!

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger: Oh wow, distant cousins! Now I can finally start a family tree!

Sparky: Yay, that's the spirit! Will go over and check out your annoyances hehe.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Happy
Ha! All those things annoy me too!
Enjoy your weekend!

Ben_Benjamin said...

Happy, Im doing it now....will post it soon.

TH said...

Hi Happy,
I also am annoying with the camera, when my owners don´t take me together and when they don´t share your meals with me.

Love and licks

Anonymous said...

Hi Happy,
Please stop by our blog to pick up the "Best Friends Awards" from me and my animals. thanks

Emma the Golden Girl said...

and the Canine Kids said,
Hi Happy,
Sniff by our blog and pick up a BEST FRIENDS Award. Thanks for being our buddies!

Kirby said...

I so agree with you about the not sharing meals with us. It is a major annoyance of mine too!

Your pal,

happy said...

Lorenza: Ha! Really? :-) Hope your weekend was great!

Benben: Hehe...will go over to have a peep! ;-)

Thor: You too? Hmm...we should do something about those meals, don't we?

Chris & Emma: Aaww...thank you! Truly honoured!

Kirby: You, Thor and I should gang up on them, eh?

Aniemother said...

That's some list, especially Nimbus is on your page on this one. He's annoyed with lots of things too!

the WriggleButts

happy said...

Hi Wigglebutts, do get Nimbus to share his annoyances!